Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Terrible Secret as told by a Colonel’s Wife

Jun 2nd, 2008

After the cyclone swept lower Burma, much terrible news was coming out from Burma media about the plight of the victims and the bad behaviour of the SPDC but we had not yet read about one of the worst hidden news in any media.

This news came from the wives of colonels’ society in Yangon. One of the friends of a colonel’s wife told about the event which one of her friend (a colonel’ wife) told them when she was in Yangon.

After the cyclone hit, her husband, the colonel went out at night to serve night duty for every night and when she asked where he had went he was afraid to tell her. One night she asked her husband to allow her to follow him and at last she got a chance to follow her husband.

Several colonels gathered at night, at the same place like the other nights before they travelled by truck. Then they went to the area of the cyclone victims, then they picked up the heavily injured victims and put into their truck then drove away to the place which they had dug a big hole and threw them all together and buried them alive. When they picked up the people they lied that they will send them to the hospital but they did not do so. The colonel’s wife could not hold her tongue about the terrible event when she met with her friends.

As told by a friend inside Burma.


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