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The camp will change but never be fallen or you can't stop that becase you can't ,.......all can't be change because of you

KNLA Wah Lay Kee base camp has fallen [with pictures] by Daniel Pederson
2009 May 7
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KNLA Wah Lay Kee base camp has fallen [with pictures] wlkpic1Corporal Saw Jay was killed during the final push for Wah Lay Kee when he triggered a trip wire while leading a group of scouts in dense jungle.
by Daniel Pedersen on May.06, 2009, under Battles, Burma reportage
Daniel Pedersen
Mae Sot, Thailand
May 6, 2009
Pictures of the camp

The Karen National Liberation Army’s Wah Lay Kee base camp, home to its Sixth Brigade 201st Battalion has fallen.
Since 1988 the camp had been held against repeated attacks by soldiers of the Burma Army and later the breakaway Karen militia allied with Burma’s military junta the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army.
Hundreds of lives have been lost around the camp, and hundreds maimed by landmines and booby traps.

Last year the KNLA lost it then won it back right at the beginning of the wet season proper.
This year, it seems, the rain has come early, and Wah Lay Kee has been abandoned.
The final push by the ruling Burmese junta, the State Peace and Development Council, and the DKBA began on April 12.
In late afternoon of April 28, the KNLA pulled out, leaving the camp surrounded by landmines and the camp itself loaded with booby traps and tripwires.
These images tell the story of the continuing brutality of the Burma Army and their allied militias.
They were captured by medics and soldiers during the hectic final days of Wah Lay Kee.

Thanks to Daniel Pederson and salute to all these heroes
This is Truth by Junta and DKBA Killers

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